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Name:  The Nutta
Location:  Kuwait
Birthday:  21 February, 1985
Bio:  I am a Vampire. I feed on blood, it's delecious by the way ;) But Unlike normal vampires I am not affected by garlic what-so-ever. My weakness is...I know I shouldn't say this but I'll say it anyways, my weakness is the smell of Oranges o.O Anyways, I'm living in Kuwait, and thought it's much better than so many other countries, you still get easily bored here. The only things for entertainment is eating in resturants, and watching the movies...*sighs* I'm also very friendly yet I am concieted as well ^_^ Oh I am Perfect too. The only perfect person ever and the world revolves around me. Yay me :D
Interests:  Um, I'm what anyone can call "easily pleased." I love watching movies, sit-coms, cartoons, video clips, sport, action, romantic, comedy, drama, fantasy, family, you name it! And in to reading about all these different catagories as well. Apart from watching and reading I love listening to music. I'm open to all kinds of music, I can listen to anything you give me and most likely my response would be "Kick Ass!!" Now, my all time favorite though is Britney Spears [Please don't kill me :P] I love alot of different kinds of sports as well. I mean I have a thing for heights and I cannot really swim well but I enjoy anything. I love to have fun. Some of my favorite things are Britney of course, Tatu, Vampires, Skeletons, Pirates, Warner brothers, Shakespeare, Magic Drinks [Energy Drinks], Japanese animation, Drawing, writing stories, writing poems, having lots of friends, Harry Potter and of course The Wheel of Time :D Adios Amigos!
Blog Created:  Thursday, 4 December 2003
Last Updated:  Friday, 5 March 2004 - 11:00 AM
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