Hey hey hey


1- Who is this site for?

This site if for anyone who is interested in Literature, or in me ^_^


2- Who is this site about?

Well this is a personal site created and maintained by me. Nutta. or formally, Lord Nuttimilius. I'm an insane person who is in love with literature, and I have attempts writing some stuff. [mainly crap but I do it cause I love it]. But this site is then about some of the works that I created, from poems and stories and songs, but also , since I like helping my friends in class [not cheating, just helping ;)] I decided to put up my notes that I made in various classes. Because then they could have a chance to study from them. Yep actually helping people makes me feel happy ^_^ So basically to summarize all this, the site is about me, and my work.


3- Why 'The Nutta'?

Actually this nick was given to me by my professor. Nutter= crazy, Nutta= crazy in a british accent ;) I do love this nick, it has always been me given people nicks, never got one, so this one is rather special ^_^


4- What is the Pensive?

It is a blog, which is like an online diary. I know so far I haven't been using it for the reason it was made for, but I have been more concerned with the other parts of the site. If I get more comments on it I'll try to make my blog a little more personal. But only if I get more comments ;)


5- What are the poems about?

Well, there are 3 types to choose from, there are Love ones, [Mostly about a Butterfly], then Gothic ones [which I like most], then there are the Others. Where you can find poems that are neither Love, nor Gothic.


6- How Can we email you?

2 ways, you could either click on the 'Contact Me' Button on the main menu, or you can click on the little footer you have under the page. If neither adreses work just contact me on here 'thenutta@lycos.com' but please tell me if the others are not working.


7- What is W.O.T?

This is the 'Wheel Of Time' Epic, by Robert Jordan. I'm in love with it though i haven't yet completed it. [No one has cause the author himself didn't complete it] anyways, I kept asking my friends to read it and they sort of hog the book forever and then tell me they hadn't read it. So I decided to upload the stuff for them to read. It's not up yet, I'm still working on it.


8- What happens to the quote you change? where can we find them?

That's a good question actually, I used to just delete the quotes when replaced, but it's good that you reminded me for now I can keep them all somewhere were you can see the progression on them and stuff. So from now on the only place to access old quotes would be on here.


9- What's in Home?

Home is where you get a good idea about everything. Like this for example, the Faqs, is in it, also, the upcoming section and the news section. You should always come back to Home when you feel lost, or want a bit of comfort.


10- What's in Castle? And why is it called Castle?

It's called castle because this is the specific place for Lord Nuttimilius, the castle has all my work. I could've named it the volt but then that would leave me Castle-less. So the thins you can find in Castle, are the poetry, university materials, songs, stories, art, etc.


11. How often do you change the Top 5?

When I get a lot of votes for some poems.

12. And what is Dungeon? Sounds Creepy.

*Chuckles* Yes, well I wanted a funky name for a place were all the fun's going to be. The Dungeon is going to be a place for games, message boards, chat room, polls, and other nitsies. Hope you enjoy it; and you know what to do to get used to the name, visit it more often *winks*