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1 June:

Complete Butterfly Sonnet Sequence. 17 Sonnets.


22nd April:

Lol The English day is finally over so I have no choice but attend my site. you can read all about the English Day events in the 'Pensive.' and I'll tell you about the new updates in here ^_^

in Univ Stuff

1- Hero and Leander HOT

2- Tribe of Ben Jonson

3- William Shakespeare

4- Katherine Phillips HOT

5- Donne and Jonson

In Poems

1- Butterfly Sonnet 7

2- Butterfly Sonnet 8

3- Butterfly Sonnet 9

4- Butterfly Sonnet 10

5- Butterfly Sonnet 11


April Fool Update: 


Hello everyone and hope you're enjoying your day.  I need to go out in a minute but I thought I'll tell you oh so eager fans about some new Materials that have been added, 


1- [Oh! That blessed smile light my heart on fire]
2- [Our disintegrated thoughts and passion]
3- [You're carbon copies of one another]


1- The World
2-  Endlessly Now
3- Let Us Pop 
4-  Fuck University 
5-  My Rules 
6-  Never Will I surrender 
7- -No Lies 
8- -Sand 


Advanced Conversation
"Harry Potter Presentation"
"Harry Potter Summary"
"Harry Potter Obsessive Fan Test"


"Chapter 1 Facing the Audience"
"Chapter 5 Reading the Script"
"Chapter 21 Roman Theater"


Essay Writing
"Rock Albert Essay
"Rock Albert Rap Song" HOT
"How to Get an F With Style" HOT
"Library Versus Internet for Research"
"People Should Give Tatu A Break" HOT
"A Shower A Day, Keeps My Tears Away" HOT
"Verbal and Body Differences In the Middle Eastern and Western Cultures"
"Superman Vs Batman" HOT


Introduction To Literature
"A Rose For Emily"
"Barbie Doll"
"Aunt Jennifer's Tigers"
"About Poetry"
"About Drama"
"Her First Ball"
"How Do I love Thee"
"Poetic Language"
"Still To Be Neat"
"The River Merchant's Wife"
"The Secret Sharer"
"The Story Of An Hour"
"The Vacuum
"Those Winter Sundays"
"Upon Julia's Clothes"
"The Yellow Wallpaper"


Introduction To Linguistics
"Intro To Linguistics"


Survey Of Fiction
"Daniel Defoe"
"Robinson Crusoe"
"Novel Vs. Romance"
"Quiz Questions"
"The Beginning Of The Novel"
"The Unknown Knight"
"Gulliver's Travel"


Survey Of Poetry
"Intro. To Poetry"
"Anglo Saxon"
"Sir Gawain And the Green Knight"
"Thomas Malory"
"William Langland"
"16th Century"



Woohooooo! omg finally! I took all day to upload the poems section, and come up with a neat site design -_-. though it's not all ready yet, actually, it still has a looooong way to do. Anyways, enjoy, there are new poems uploaded as well too.