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Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark


Shattered dreams float through space

Consumed with failure and disgrace

In no particular direction they fly

As the opportunity passes you by

No second chances ever matter

For it never works out with the latter

So you drown in a state of paralysis

And forget the sweet taste of bliss

You turn around, and take your lead

Filled with anger, loath and greed

Vanity follows only too soon

Then your world goes dark, despite the moon

Next your heart becomes a corpse, so cold

And you forget all the promises you told

Cause, no longer will you give a darn

To try and make people understand

That today, you will only care for you

No one else will ever do

So your forsaken heart can learn

“That all who fall in love get burned”

But do not flee, from what lies ahead

Don’t flinch or wince, but approach it with pride instead

Cause only with Darkness, shall you find your Peace

And marvel you shall, at that great release