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I'm The Truth In Reality


Oh dear saint, let me corrupt your grace

By wiping that innocent smile off your face

Take off your conservative, pure, white dress

And to your god I want you to confess

That your heart no longer belongs to him

You sold it to me, so powerful and grim


Your time is ticking away, oh lovely angel

Do not panic love, for I want your heart stable

I will not hurt you, but control you eternally

And if you give in, willingly to me

I shall present you with all the treasures I promised

To let you enjoy your moments, darkly blessed


 But this I shall stress importantly, and emphasize

That if you struggle, in my hand your heart, dies

While I take optimum pleasure in causing you pain

But you already know that saint, for it was plain

In the deal we sealed, you gave me your heart freely

Swearing upon your soul that you’ll be mine faithfully


So now my heavenly love and passion

Or should I say my poor deluded possession

I have you heart like many others before

You’ll all gave in to glittering words for sure

You run away from that who created and made you whole

And come running to me, who vowed to steal your soul