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Further down in this trap, I feel like Iím falling

Relieve me people, canít you hear me calling?

My cries for aid and support shatter the ground

Locks me up with my demons, where I am bound

Bound to give into their offense and wrongdoings

I crave for sin, destruction and eternal ruins

But that was not me! I never gained pleasure of suffering

I always believed in virtueÖ but this is smothering

Killing me in fact, itís stressing my mind I cannot think

I see shadows everywhere, I float in them, and I sink


I get a different point of view, now I understand

The emotions erupting is now getting out of hand

Gone where the days I feared or despised this

Welcome to a future of well refined bliss

I take wing I fly, I feel alive in the darkness

The unbearable light consumes me with numbness

I surrendered, yet I would give in again to this paradise

For now I mastered the naÔve innocent disguise

And for my master I shall cope with the obscene

Accumulating mislead slaves to serve his mean