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My Poltergeist

In the bliss of the night I smelt your scent

Intoxicated by the fragrance as I went

After you, trying my very best it seemed

While being captivated by my daydreams

Walking behind the illusion that is you

My mind races with hallucination anew

You feel familiar, but I did not get a chance

To look at even your face, for instance

So I continue walking in no exact direction

And suffer the earlier symptoms of exhaustion

So I pray, and pray some more

But it doesn’t work as I splatter on the floor

Drowned in sweat and later tears

Frenzied in paranoia and greater fears

My heart was racing wildly, before it skipped a beat

My only companions were solitary silence and the heat

But I understood what was going to happen

Now I will know if there really was a hell or heaven

But while gasping the final breaths I note

A pleasantly scented poltergeist floats