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Unspoken Words

The words that were left unspoken

May tear your heart, and leaves you dieing

I watch, and huff, but aid, I do not give

Frankly, I care not, weather you die or live

So keep your words, unspoken in your heart

And feel your helplessness, rip it apart

But then I move and grip your neck

And you cry out, cause you’re afraid of heck

Yet not a muscle I move, instead I grin

Because now you will pay, for your morbid sin

I squeeze you tighter, and tell you “Lass?”

“Did you know, that not all unspoken words pass?”

“ Did you know, that when they disappear..”

“You shall too soon, my dear”

“And fear not, when I tell you this”

“Where you will go there is no bliss”

“You’ll die as you burn, and return you shall not”

I smile when I tell you “Honey, you will rot”

So don’t look for forgiveness from me

Cause pain and hatred, is all you’ll see

And those unspoken words shall eat your insides

As I take you for many rides

That will make you regret the time

You left those unspoken words in your mind