Butterfly Sonnet Sequence.

Butterfly Sonnet 1

Butterfly Sonnet 2

Butterfly Sonnet 3

Butterfly Sonnet 4

Butterfly Sonnet 5

Butterfly Sonnet 6

Butterfly Sonnet 7

Butterfly Sonnet 8

Butterfly Sonnet 9

Butterfly Sonnet 10

Butterfly Sonnet 11

Butterfly Sonnet 12

Butterfly Sonnet 13

Butterfly Sonnet 14

Butterfly Sonnet 15

Butterfly Sonnet 16

Butterfly Sonnet 17


With all that said and done. I wish Butterfly the best in life and love and to always remember the wonderful times if ever her mind raced to a thought of me. :)
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Butterfly Sonnet 1


In any given past time or past place

In every moment of any day

Your sweet love leaves a bright visible trace

Even when I tried to block it away

I love the way you make me think and feel

I love how you say and do what you do

It sounds too perfect and right to be real

But then that is the same deal with you too

My Butterfly, my love, my wonderful

My kind, my sweet, my everything and all

No one can ever be more beautiful

In my eyes, mind and heart you make me whole

I don't believe I loved anyone more

So yes my heart, we're together for sure


Butterfly Sonnet 2


She walks so smooth my lovely Butterfly

Fluttering on air so gentle and sweet

Captures every sight of all passers by

But gives a smile to every man she meets

Sugary lips that utter candy words

And skillful action that is slick and smooth

Can strike your heart faster than any sword

But mend it straight with a touch thatíll sooth

No person alive with a beating heart

Can stand the magical spell she does cast

With proof the many men bewitched in chart

Stand while being tied humbled to a mast

So true my Butterfly can cast a spell

Iím willing to fall, though I know so well


Butterfly Sonnet 3


Life seems like a nightmare when weíre apart

Such tormented suffering falls on me

Robbed off from sanity in mind and heart

Loud chaos disturbs my sanctuary

In her presence the same happens to me

Over dose of emotions with no end 

With or without her I feel jealousy

Even with air Iím willing to contend

To have her for me alone would seem wrong

Selfishness and greed starts ravaging me

Anger starts pulling me with its song

My passion blazes immediately

And though the pain cannot be prevented

With honest love I shall be contented 


Butterfly Sonnet 4


Those good times wasted because of your lies

Claimed forever was our destination

Always got back when we said our goodbyes

Sweet, slick, cunning was your elevation

You left thy heart to chill in a freezer

And manipulated a certain heart

Picked on the hapless heart with chilled tweezers

Only when sure of winning do you dart

Leaving the poor and battered heart to rot

You look for different victims to whip

You tangle their souls, lock them in your hut

And sit on your throne, where Brandy you sip

But my battered heart was mended like so

In the arms of a Butterfly it grows


Butterfly Sonnet 5


With a sly embrace you convinced my heart

In a sea of negligence I was lost

Lost to the world where I wanted to part

Only wanting my bliss to please you most

Gave in like my earlier contender

And mocked his intoxicated hashed mind 

The consequence deafened me with thunder 

And for my obedience I was fined

Later tossed off a cliff with spikes below

Greeted the intoxicated hashed mind

In dirt and spikes I seem to have wallowed

But in the darkness a Butterfly shined

It embraced my poor fortunate remains

And showed me love, pure, sweet, simple, and plain


Butterfly Sonnet 6


My Butterfly, upon the Rose Bud sat

And cried her heart, out of the forlorn sky

Painful sobs attracted her loving Bat

And willed him to her with a despaired sigh

When he got there though he did not find her

So watched the crickets singing around him

Till leaves chortled and danced with the flowers

Welcoming dawn, making him feel so grim

For he and the bright Sun where enemies

But for his Butterfly he had to wait

Till he sees her, to kiss away her tears

And comforts her sweet heart at any rate

So then she came at last drenched with despair

Yet content in her heart, for her Batís care


Butterfly Sonnet 7


The aim is to write one hundred sonnets

About my dear, beautiful, Butterfly

Not on flowers and lovely white bonnets

Or about the sun, the moon, and the skies

It will be about my magical girl

That blessed darling I care so much about

Not about an ideal heavenly world

Or about suspicion, hatred and doubt

Itís about that gorgeous lover of mine

And everything about her great big heart

Also they way that her eyes tend to shine

Not on petty entertainments like pool and darts

It is easy to set aims for oneís self

But not everyone can achieve great wealth


Butterfly Sonnet 8


How many times can someone fall in love?

If I have only one heart in my chest

To what degrees can you heat up a stove?

And when do you know when itís heated best?

I thought I was in love with you before

But I found out that I keep on falling

How many times can you strike at my core?

And manipulate me till Iím willing

How many times shall I fall at your feet?

And drown into your deep sea of passion

How many times can someone face defeat?

And then carry on like nothing happened?

I guess I can never find an answer

But I suppose I will always wonder


Butterfly Sonnet 9


Thy eyes should never be drenched with wet tears

For they are the most precious jewels ever

So promise me throughout the later tears

To never cry when we are together

It is impossible to have dry eyes

And I am asking the impossible

I know that when your heart knots and then ties

Those wretched tears would be unstoppable

But when your dew caresses your smooth skin

And works itís way to your filled rosy lips

Iíd, panic and wouldnít do anything

And just watch my heartbeats decrease and skip

I know Iím asking a lot Butterfly

But for both our sakes please donít ever cry


Butterfly Sonnet 10


That Honey of mine really cracks me up

And can lighten most of the darkest nights

Her playful nature versus my queer might

Makes me run fast after her and gallop

She often surprises me with actions

That leaves the hugest smile upon my face

And wipe off any other single trace

Of serious, stern denomination

O! Butterfly loves to play hide and seek

And play imaginary characters

Like Hermione from Harry Potter

O! How I love to kiss those rosy cheeks!

I pray for time to be everlasting

When her smile lights up and she starts playing


Butterfly Sonnet 11


My Butterflyís past time is denying

I think she practices because sheís so good

She claims that itís not the same as lying

ďBecause then that would be just very rudeĒ

Now that itself is such a denial

But I mean what am I supposed to do?

Since I canít ever have her on trial

I utter whatever she wants me too

Iím actually smiling when I do it

So itís not really as bad as you think

I admire her humor and great wit

Because to my heart it is forever linked

Other people need to be practicing

If they want to beat my girlís denying


Butterfly Sonnet 12


Only a Butterfly can control Truth

And cause guilt to consume every inch

Generated guilt to consume loath

Makes Heavenís sent reeks of a filthy stench

O! How the guilt ravished my poor soul

Only to be ravished by extreme pain!

So how can the truth in the end appall

And makes deceiving in heaven so plain?

No for it has been proven at long last

No truth is in heaven, just only lies

But then why does our book then on truth cast

An important cover through vital cries?

Therefore in lies I can find happiness

And guilt will just have to be hid by bliss.


Butterfly Sonnet 13


The thirteenth sonnet I write in this batch

But not of love and other happiness

And yet hot love is to my heart attached

When guilt forced my lips to part and stress

O dear Goddess of my entire world!

I know not of what can make things better

Just that in the thirteen sonnets told

Happiness is real when weíre together

Torment me not, for I have been punished

And in the name of all our loving past

Love me still lest I shall be demolished

And all the love should in Hell and Blade burst

Thirteen sonnets only make me thirst

For time to go back till the very first


Butterfly Sonnet 14


Darling Butterfly just one word do tell

Doth thou love me as I love thee as well?

Or doth thou think that it will never be?

By god, by love, and by truth tell me

Donít leave me hanging on a string so fine

Donít torture my heart and play with my mind

One mistake, does not have to end this way

For I can sleep no longer, night or day

Not wanting to be built up and broken

But dreaming of words that will be spoken

There is no slight doubting love to thee

So untangle my heart and let me be free

Would thou ever love me? Darling say yes

For it is equal to eternal bliss.


Butterfly Sonnet 15


Upon your lovely necklace picí I dwell

Pondering the loss that my dreams foretell

I ache within, my heart keep skipping beats

Why does your presence still beat me with heat?

And let me gag in a never ending

world, of dull miseries condescending

So I storm about and I curse myself

In a dark sea of agony I surf

Then bloody tears gush out of my dark eyes

And lightning strikes my once innocent skies

So I pant and I gasp for salvation,

which will only come in resurrection

For dear Butterfly, Iím paying the price

For gambling on an unlucky dice


Butterfly Sonnet 16


Sheís my mistress no more, and lover not

But still, when she speaks, my brow becomes hot

She is mine no more, but I still canít stand

When anyone dares to touch her fair hand

Iím in her heart no more, but I still long

To be the fair melody in her song

I believe no more, but I do pray still

For a love so hot that will warm my chill

I am hers no more, but I still wonít mind

To sacrifice for her: my heart and mind

And to face any miserable harm

To be locked between her comfortable arms

I am hers no more, and vise versa too

But sheís my Butterfly, thatís always true


Butterfly Sonnet 17


The undying love has been scorched at last

Now just a painful remnant of the past

Seventeen sonnets stabbed at my poor heart

Tearing up a torn wound widely apart

No more strength to reach one hundred sonnets

Lost love of beauty: beautiful bonnets

Purple ribbons, scented roses so sweet

Warm sunshine mornings and tap dancing feet

Love not to love, but love to stay unloved

And love all the times that you need to prove

Only to yourself and no body else

No worries of pleasing nor to confess

Kid not yourself, but be kind to your heart

For acting can soon grow into an art.