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Weather Torment

Torment, being in the middle of such different weather

One is too cold to handle, the latter is a great deal hotter

The icy, cold breath kiss my cheek on one side

Steamy sparks burned endlessly, where the other lied

The first chilled my heartbeats and made it beat slower

But the other blazed my passion in a flamed shower

I felt visible frosted flakes cover me, ice upon my tongue

Then molten lava cooked while it melted my shriveled lung


I didnít want to listen to the bitter chill, but I had no choice

And it shrieked at me, yelling harmoniously with one voice

I devoted my attention to it, I just had to listen

I didnít know the truth it told had some blocks missing

Over and over it repeated its positively, assured innocence

But with the entire arctic attitude, what it said made no sense

For how come it was innocent when it was too plain to see

That it was going through so many means, in convincing me


Noticing the vacuum in my heart, I got embraced by the fire

Instantly it told me about its warm affectionate desire

Flames of sweet, it explained to me

Sparkles for light, it said honestly

Blinded my vision with its ember kiss

Volcanic eruption, made my doubts dismiss

I was about to cave, but it too felt strange and rather very odd

Thatís when I realized; it almost pierced my heart with its scorching rod


I stand torn, between my two old friends

Craving a peaceful rest, when it all ends

Trusting both, yet trusting neither

Sick from the cold, and from the heat, fever

Wanting to let both go, yet clinging some more

Certain in my decision, yet not knowing for sure

Shall I have a Popsicle to cool me down?

Or some hot chocolate, to remove my frown?