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William Blue

Once upon a moment William was born

His birth wasn’t normal, cause it was sworn

That when he comes out of his mom’s tummy

His face would be blue, mysteriously

The things that he would eat, were tables and chairs

And he wouldn’t have cats, instead have bears

Cause even though, he’d be still very young

The blue pores on his face would make him strong


He started calling himself “the Willie”

Tried to attract girls by being silly

But everyone noticed how queer he was

They said he was blue, but still followed laws

Since when growing up, no one follows rules

Especially if their color was blue

And our blue Willie, he ate the tables

Night and day studying to be able


While his other blue friends where at parties

He sat caring for the bear’s allergies

So strange as it was, our Willie was blue

He still got fever and sometimes the flu

On top of eating very tough meals

He kept his thoughts, locked up, and how he feels

Cause his blue was not a Royal color

He could not attempt to become vulgar