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Butterfly Sonnet 7

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Other Poems

Hey hey hey


These poems aren't as corny as the love ones, or as cruel and gruesome as the gothic ones. Some of these poems were actually to stimulate you :) so think away ;) 


My Mother

[A Poem about my mother and I]


[Things are not always what they seem]

Weather Torment

[Being lost between, hot and cold]

Who Will I become

[Have you ever had that question?]

William Blue

[this is highly metaphorical]

Engineering Dark Corner

[Inspired from “Engineers Corner by Wendy Cope”]

Steph's Sonnet

[For my friend :D Stephie love you :# :#]

I'm Glad I'm A Man

[Hehe, this is for Mi Kamsa ;) don't it rock babe?]