Library Versus Internet for Research


            Everybody is in dire need of sufficient information, and while, both the Internet and the library are natural ways for gaining this information, the majority of people prefer the Internet. The first advantage of the searching through the Internet is the speed. To look for information in the library, you need to go through a process of searching the index of a large amount of books, which takes a long time. The Internet on the other hand, can provide the information with a click of a button.


            The other benefit of the Internet is the unbelievable amount of information it contains. Although the information in a library depends on the actual size of the building, which means that in some cases it can hold within a great deal of information. It would still be considered ‘finite.’ In contrast, the Internet has an even bigger amount of information stacked in one place, which makes people label it as an ‘infinite’ amount, since it increases homogenously by the second.