Our trip to Brighton was the most fantastic thing my mom thought of! We were surprised to be welcomed to a live “Barney the Purple Dinosaur” show the moment we arrived. The whole family was singing and dancing to the purple dinosaur joyfully. Later on when the show ended we crashed the arcades and my father won a huge black gorilla toy. Mehsen, my seven-year-old brother, claimed it and named it Mr. Gorilla. Hungry for some attention, Khaled, my fifteen-year-old brother, and I played a gun arcade. A group of people stopped to watch and cheer us on, it was great! After our moments in fame Khaled conned me into playing some roller coasters. The experience was frightful but it was really worth it! When we were all tired we entered a ‘Fish and Chips’ restaurant and had a delicious lunch. We spent the next hour just lying on the beach listening to music and playing “I Spy”. Before going back to the train station, Khaled took some memorable stones from the beach. Finally we joined in a game of cards while we were on the train going back to London, and I won twice. In conclusion, everybody enjoyed his or her time in Brighton; we were so glad mom thought of it.


          While in Brighton, we met a guy we weren’t really sure if ‘Rock Albert’ was his real name, but we called the bartender of ‘Just a Drink’ that for the awesome way he looked. He had fairly long but very messy hair. It was split down the middle with blue on one  side and purple on the other. I wanted his hair cut right away. He wore the coolest black leather trousers with a large number of amazing chains. They were so many, we couldn’t tell where one ended and one began. I thought it was an art. For accessories, he wore: big black shades, a sparkling silver scorpion necklace caressed his bare chest,  and a lot of unique rings covered his fingers. That gave us the impression that he might’ve been a ‘Rock Star’. We then noticed the letter [A] on his belt, so we decided to call him Albert. Therefore, whenever we wanted to mention the slick bartender in Brighton we just say ‘Rock Albert’.


I really liked ‘Rock Albert’ because he gave off a vibe that said ‘I do what I want, when I want.’ The strange color of his hair implies that he doesn’t care what people think. I like that because I believe that we mustn’t be slaves to our society. Also, the leather trousers and the chains, show off his ‘tough’ nature, which might scare people off.  So he won’t get beggars asking him for money, or sales people bothering him with requests. I admire a guy that can wear what he wants without a slight thought about what people might say. Furthermore, the gadgets he wears simply make him shine, like a star in a dark sky. He will get a lot of looks and people will look his way. And what is better than being the center of attention? In brief, Rock Albert impressed me with the attitude he gave off.