Daniel Defoe


1-       He was from the middle class: his sociological background helped him a lot with capturing the “Middle Class Character,” correctly.


2-      Protestant with passion: this strong belief he has in religion is normally the circumference of all his literary compositions. Novels and Pamphlets.



3-      Went to jail: after writing “A short way to the Dissenters” he went to jail. But that did not stop Defoe from saying what’s on his mind, or educating people about his beliefs, which proves that he is a strong writer.


4-      Robinson Crusoe: he wrote the first Novel in English History. 1719.




Jonathan Swift


1-    Became English Diplomat: his political background helped him a lot of achieving the satirical aspects in “Gulliver’s Travels.”


2-    Protestant with passion: Swift too a strict Protestant, and so that helped him attacking ‘satirically’ other aspects of religion.



3-    Born from English Parents: normal, middle class parents gave him the upper hand in attacking society as well, since he knew all the hardships common people face.