Obsessive Harry Potter Fans:

Are you an obsessive Harry Potter fan? Find out by filling out this little Test.

1- Do you have the whole collection of books at home, and the context memorized, and a lot of the scenes acted?

2- Did you start taking/learning literature because you want to be familiar with the mythical creatures that appear in the books?

3- Do your heart skips a beat at the very mentioning of London? [Because that is the home of the books]

4- Do you buy Harry potter merchandise wherever you go, even if you have no use for it or have the same exact merchandise at home?

5- Do you imagine yourself as one of the Harry Potter Characters? Do you think you belong in a special house? [Griffindore, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin]

6- Do you believe that cats in the street may transfigure into normal people when you look at them long enough?

7- Do you believe that one day, your parents will tell you “Honey…we don’t know how to tell you this, but, you are a wizard”?

8- Do you log on the net and join countless virtual Hogwarts Schools and live out the wizard life on the computer? Doing homeworks, playing Quidditch, going to detention…

9- Did you visit the movies, when they are released in the Cinema, repeatedly, claiming “it’s to treat your siblings or little brothers?

10- Finally, would you take your time off to make a whole presentation about it?


Only when you get all 10 checked then you can be considered a fanatic member of Potter Mania.