Her First Ball – By Katherine Mansfield


Plot summary:  Leila, the main character, a 14-year-old girl from the country, is in a cab with the Sheridan family, her cousins. They are going to a ball. It is Leila’s first ball. They go to the ladies room then collect their cards. One of Leila’s partners turns out to be the fat old man. He tells her that she will grow old. She is upset and wants to go home. But another man comes and she dances with him, then she’s happy again.


Setting: A ballroom at night in probably New Zealand.


Author: Katherine Mansfield


Protagonist: Leila


Reason: Because the antagonist is he person we must feel for. And in this story it is obvious we all feel for Leila since she enters this state of despair when she speaks with the bitter old man. Besides the whole story is revolved around her.


Antagonist: Fat bitter old man


Reason: Naturally the antagonist is the force that opposes the protagonist. And therefore I believe it is the fat old bitter man because he was the one that had the most negative effect on Leila. It was so big she decided she didn’t want to stay anymore.


Subject: Leila’s First Ball


Theme: Youth against age, fun and seriousness, enjoy life as it comes.


Genre: Realistic


Point of view: It’s a 3rd person narrative with Leila’s point of view.


Tone: Dramatic


Characters: [for mention a character and describe him question]


Leila - Naive and young and inexperienced. She comes from the country while her cousins don’t and feel sort of jealous from her cousins since they go to balls all the time.

Meg- Tuberoses

Jose- long loop of amber, hair is up.

Laura- Dark head pushing away on the white fur, pink velvet cloak.

Laurie [guy]- New gloves

Old man: quite old, fat with a bald patch on his head.


Climax: when Leila dances with the bitter fat old man.