About “Christopher Marlow’s - Hero and Leander”

By Nutta Al Faris




[There are slang bits in there to make it interesting  ^_^]

[Oh and I didn’t really know what to write about it so I read it like a million times and wrote about the things that came to mind/struck me when I read it]


After reading Hero and Leander

It didn’t take a second to ponder

Alarmed in my room I started to roam

Thinking about writing it as a poem

Not to rewrite the original text

But to sort out smoothly the research’s mess

With a slick iambic pentameter

I joined the poet with the researcher

Hoping that in the end, what will emerge

Is something both poetry and research


Now Hero and Leander was by Kit

And I was really affected by it

Marlow borrowed his idea from Ovid

And turned it into something so ‘wicked’

For it talks about a beautiful man

Falling in love with a sweet fair woman

The beautiful lady came from Sestos

While naïve Leander from Abydos

Of love, neither pup new very much

But they spoke in the temple with a touch


Then Leander spoke words of seduction

And Hero gave into her emotion

Even though she tried to pull away first

The two lovers in love were both immersed

Conscious and promises later came in

After the act of their beautiful sin

There are a few lines that I liked the most

Surprisingly it’s when Leander boasts

About his Knowledge of love to Hero

Telling her that Chaste Honor is not so


The richest corn dies, if it be not reaped” [p.978, line 327]

Made a naughty image in my mind creep

However I shall not explain it more

Cause then you’ll put down the paper for sure

So let us return to the poem’s plot

After the context got a little hot

The new lovers promised to meet again

Though Hero was ashamed of her new sin

She still told Leander to come to her

Despite the old Hag she said, “Come thither

[Who took care of her in the temple] [p.979, line 377]


Then Marlow spoke a lot about the Gods

That’s when, to me, it got a little odd

And when poor Leander died in the end

I was confused so I read it again

And I found out that they did not make it

Since only in the end was Hero naked

It’s not the only thing that I care for

I was bummed when I saw there was no more

I hope they turn it into a movie

Even though they’ll make it really crappy.