Survey of Poetry

{Middle English}



Sir Thomas Malory

1-     Was of a noble birth

2-     Wrote ďMorte De Arthur- Death of ArthurĒ

3-     Was a criminal, a thief, a rapist, but denied all.

4-     Wrote in short compact lines and understatements. [Litotes]


Arthur Stories and their connection to Romance

1-     The story of Arthurís Birth

2-     The story of when Arthur became King

3-     Camelot- the mysterious magical place


The story of Arthurís Birth

Uther Pendragon [King Arthurís Father] fell in love with Arthurís mother, but she was already married to someone else. So Uther, went to Merlin the wizard and asked Merlin to put a spell on him, one that makes him look like the husband of who he loves. When the wizard put the spell, Uther, [looking like the husband] made love to who he loves and begat Arthur.


The story of when Arthur became King

The lady of the lake gives Merlin a magical sword. Merlin then puts this sword in stone. The person who can pull out the sword then becomes king. Arthur did it, he pulled the sword and became king.


Round table: this is where all the knights sat. It was round because that would mean that all the knights were equal.


Chivalry: a moral code where everyone is a gentleman, who rode horses and fought for their God, their Liege Lord and for their Lady.


Jousting: to fight with the long sharp weapons while on a horseback


Legends: based on a possible person who may have existed and are always exaggerated.


Myths: itís to do with values and higher truth. Once upon a time they existed, yet we do not believe in them anymore.