Robinson Crusoe Notes



1-     Starts in England

2-     Sea

3-     Captured in Morocco [pirates]

4-     Canary islands [escape pirates]

5-     Brazil [has fortune]

6-    Uninhibited Island [Crusoe’s story starts]



Protagonist/ Central Character: Robinson Crusoe, a young mind who wanted to become a sailor an defies his parents wishes. He was a pagan, but after being cast away on a deserted island he converts to Christianity.


Antagonist: Crusoe’s tortured soul. As he searches for peace he must come to grips with his relation to Providence/God. After he does that and the conflict is solved, he returns to Brazil finding out that he’s a wealthy man.



1-     When he finds a man’s footprint.

2-     When he was sick on the Island, and turned to God for help.



1-     Crusoe wants to become a sailor father disagrees and yet he leaves anyways

2-     He gets captured by pirates

3-     He escape the Sallee Rover [pirates]

4-     He Becomes a Brazilian Planter

5-     Leaves Brazil to go to sea again

6-     Ship gets wrecked, he is alone on the Island but he decides to survive

7-     He build’s his fortress

8-     He becomes ill and so turns to God and becomes a Christian

9-     He plants a lot of things on his island

10- He finds a print of a man’s foot on the floor

11- He hears the first sound of man’s voice

12- He finds a savage, he calls him Friday

13- They quell a Mutiny

14- They seize a ship and return back to England

15- He finds his wealth all about him [he’s rich, his Brazilian plantation is working]

16- He gets married and has 3 kids, and visits his Island


Point of View: first of all this is a 1st person Narrator, and the point of view is all from Robinson Crusoe’s angel.


Theme: Sin is avenged, Peace is found through forgiveness and belief.