Before you read this please read the Rock Albert Essay.


‘Rock Albert’ Rap Song


A ring a bling, that’s so his thing,

This bartender we saw in ‘Just a Drink’

This good-looking guy, without no shirt

We decided to call, Awesome ‘Rock Albert’


Ready? Let’s do this!


Dangling chains he wore around his leather pants

Made a sound that made you want to get up and dance

Messy hair that was blue on one side

Purple on the other, but it felt so right

A lot of ring a ding, covered his fingers

That’s why we decided to call him a singer

And a silver scorpion caressed his chest

Another reason why I thought he was the best


Halt! Say what?


We then noticed the letter [A] on his belt

So we decided to call him ‘Albert’

Looked like a Rock Star in a Brighton band

So we called him, Rock Albert, understand?