Superman Vs Batman

Politics is fake, education is a waste of time, and the environment is one big circular problem that never ends.  However, the only thing that matters, and should consume all the generation of brainpower on every human being, is that superman can kick batman’s, bat-mobile back to Gotham City!

Just like it was a known fact that Germany was the cause of World War 2, everyone knows that Superman is better than Batman for the following 2 reasons. The first one is that Superman is the ‘real deal.’ Batman needs all his multibillion gadgets to stand out from all the other human beings. For example if the task was to bore through a wall to save a damsel in distress, Batman would have to take an hour to figure out which gadget would be more suitable, and another hour to find out that he could only do it by breaking through the ‘Front Door.’ Superman on the other hand can stare at the wall and it will melt instantly, due to his laser vision. The other point is that Superman is independent when it comes to being a babe magnet. See, Batman needs Robin, the Bat mobile, and 500 other devices, and still, he would not have a huge fan club, while Superman needs to stand straight after flying, for girls to faint from adoration.