The Story of an Hour


Plot summary: Mrs. Louise Mallard the main character, who was young with a fair calm face, was told by her sister’s broken down sentences that her husbands, Brently Mallard died in a railroad accident. Richard, who was Brently’s friend, had already made sure using two telegrams. Mrs. Mallard gets into a state of ‘wild abandonment’ and so cries in her sister’s arms. Then she goes to her room and doesn’t allow anyone in, and sits in an arm chair. She looks out the window on spring leaves and notices the ‘blue patch in the sky.’ Her sorrow is replaced with joy for the new freedom she found. She walks doanstairs in triumph but in the front door, Mr. Mallard walks in, in perfect condition. Mrs. Mallard dies of a heart attack, and the doctor says it’s of ‘joy that kills.’


Setting: Large house, spring time, late 1800s


Author: Kate Chopin


Protagonist: Mrs. Mallard


Antagonist: Death


Reason: it was the thing that affected Mrs. Mallard most. It opposed her in the beginning by letting her break down and betrays her again when it takes her instead of the husband at the end of the story.


Theme: Sudden Losses


Genre: [suspense or action, but you’ll be safer with Dramatical]


Point of view: 3rd person narrative with Mrs. Mallard’s point of view.


Tone: dramatic




Mrs. Mallard/ Louise

Mr. Mallard/ Brently

Josephine (sister)

Richard (friend)



Climax: when she sees her husband at the door.