Tribe of Ben Jonson


(Cavalier) they followed the King and so liked Monarchy, the opposites of Puritans


The Tribe of Ben Jonson was wits who were also called the idle poets

- they wrote mostly about women, they were idle because their work wasn’t really important.


1-     John Suckling ‘Song’

2-     Robert Herrick ‘Upon Julia’s Clothes’

3-     Richard Lovelace ‘Grass Hopper’

4-     Thomas Carreu   ‘The Rapture’




Devotional Poets


These talk about god a lot


1-     George Herbert

2-     Richard Crashaw

3-     Henry Voughan





Robert Herrick 1591 – 1674

- His sonnet sequence was called ‘Hesperidins’ and it was filled with Rhetoric.

- It was playful and erotic


George Herbert 1593 – 1633

-          He was a pious religious man.

-          His sonnet sequence was called The Temple